PCR Tubes

Short Description:

PCR products are manufactured, from prime virgin, polypropylenes. This result in tubes, strips and, tips that exhibit a perfect balance between transparency, softness, robustness, antistatic characteristics and gas tightness.

Product Detail

*PCR single tube or PCR 8 single tube

*0.2ml thin wall PCR Tubes, single strip or Strip of 8 Tubes, Flat caps.

*Manufactured from prime virgin polypropylene

*Ultra thin wall design for efficient heat transfer

*Compatible with standard 96-well heat blocks

*High light transmittance

*Sterilized or non sterile


*0.2ml strip is available in two types: transparent and white, respectively applicable to normal PCR and real-time PCR (q-PCR) reaction.

*Good sealing performance of the 8-strip while lid closed. Easy to open the cap without contamination.

*Adapted to PCR instrument with corresponding module.

*Application: Clinical Application, Medical Test Consumables, Lab Application


Model No. Item Name Capacity(ml) Color Sterile Qty/case
LF40003 0.2ml PCR Tubes with Flat Cap, Single 0.2 Natural Y 10000
LF40004 0.2ml PCR Tubes with Flat Cap, 8 Strips 0.2 Natural Y 1200


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