PCR plate

Short Description:

96 well 200ul pcr plate  

384 well 40ul pcr plate

All plates are manufactured in LIFAN cleanroom facility to ensure molecular grade quality. Our wide range of polypropylene plates provides excellent solutions for sample storage and assay set-up, allowing dilutions and aliquots to be handled, stored or transported easily. All plates are ANSI format for compatibility with automated systems.

Product Detail

*Made from high quality medical PP material with good transparency.

*Ultra-thin wall of uniform thickness-accelerate heat transfer; half-skirted plate provides superior rigidity, non-skirted plate easy to be cut.

*Alphanumeric coding assist in sample organization; convex design around the aperture for leak-proof.

*DNase, RNase. Temperature range: stable from -20ºC to 100ºC

*used ub any applied biosystems regular or Real-time PCR thermal cycler

*it is suited for both automactic loading as well as robotic handing

*to improve real-time PCR signal yields, the tubes in this 96-well plate are frosted

*closure can be accomplished with either optical, or strip caps.  


Model No. Specification Capacity(ml) Color Sterile Qty/case
LF40001 0.1ml, 96 wells, with/without skirt, 200ul 0.1 Natural Y 200
LF40002 0.2ml, 96 wells, with/without skirt, 200ul 0.2 Natural Y 200


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