The financial report of 2021q1, the fourth largest IVD, was that Abbott rose nearly 120 percent, and the Chinese market became a global engine

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In 2021, emerge in an endless stream of COVID-19, the global COVID-19 continues to spread, and COVID-19′s demand for Q1 detection is also high. The IVD giants have achieved at least two digit growth driven by the revenue of the new crown diagnostic products. Abbott has made an explosive growth of three figures with its rich product mix.


The top four Q1 diagnostic business ranks still, Roche is the first, Abbott is the second, Danaher is the third, Siemens Medical is the fourth.


*The Q1 range of Siemens Medical in fy2021 is October 1, 2020-december 31, 2020.


*At real time exchange rate: 1 Swiss Franc = US $1.0901, 1 euro = US $1.2022.


Roche: the diagnostic business has the first revenue (chf43.3 billion). Affected by the decline of pharmaceutical business, the group’s Q1 total revenue was -1% year-on-year, but the diagnosis business has a good growth rate of +50%, of which POC immunodiagnosis rose 1532%, which became the strongest driving force for growth.


Abbott: the growth rate of diagnostic business was the first (+119.8%), and the proportion of total revenue was the highest among the four (38%). Abbott quickly iterates over multiple covid-19 diagnostic products. The rapid diagnosis and molecular diagnosis business soared 302.8% and 220.9% in Q1 respectively. The international market has become the growth engine.


Danaher: diagnosis business + 34% year on year. It has played a leading role in the rapid growth of overall performance (+34.5%).


Siemens Medical: thanks to the stable growth of sales and core business of rapid covid-19 antigen detection, the growth of diagnosis business +23%, China has become the regional performance pillar with a growth rate of +25%.


01. Revenue comparison: both achieve double-digit high growth


Roche diagnosis: revenue first, accounting for 10% increase, POC immunodiagnosis soared 1532%


Roche’s overall revenue in 2021 was CHF 14.43 billion (about $16.275 billion), and was -1% year-on-year (at a fixed exchange rate of + 3% year on year). Among them,


Pharmaceutical business declined significantly, with a year-on-14%;


The growth of diagnostic business was strong, with a year-on-year growth of +50%, offsetting the decline in some pharmaceutical businesses.


The diagnostic business contributed 29% of Roche’s global revenue, accounting for 10% increase.

▲ overall revenue of Roche in fy2021


Diagnostic business revenue


Thanks to the comprehensive and growing covid-19 testing portfolio, Roche Diagnostics Q1 revenue reached 4.33 billion Swiss francs (about $4.72 billion), representing a year-on-year +50%.


The covid-19 test showed a further growth momentum, and the regular business also showed strong growth.

▲ revenue from Q1 diagnosis business in 2021 of Roche


Central laboratory: the revenue was 1.765 billion Swiss francs, which was +28% year on year, mainly due to the excellent growth of immunodiagnosis (year on year +40%), and the double-digit increase of clinical chemistry (+13%);


Molecular diagnosis: revenue of 1.107 billion Swiss francs, which was +80% year-on-year, accounting for 25.6%, up 4%. The results showed that the molecular diagnosis of Virology and POC increased by +188% and + 130% respectively, which was mainly driven by the sales of SARS cov-2 detection. The lightmix series (real-time fluorescent PCR detection kit) was +55% year on year;


Diabetes management: revenue of 460million Swiss francs, year on year +8%, growth of blood glucose monitoring business, and decline of insulin delivery system business;


Pathology laboratory (original tissue diagnosis): revenue was 282million Swiss francs, year on year +4%;


Bedside diagnosis: revenue of r1616 million, up by +277% year on year, accounting for 10% to 16.5% increase. Among them, POC immunodiagnosis sales rose 1532% (mainly from the new covid-19 POC testing product portfolio), becoming the leader of Roche’s diagnosis performance growth.


Abbott diagnosis: growth first, rapid diagnosis (alert business) and molecular diagnosis increased in three digits


In 2021, Q1, Abbott’s revenue was US $10.456 billion, with a year-on-year revenue of +35.3%, organic year-on-year +32.9%, and the opening was smooth.


Driven by the demand for covid-19 diagnosis, the diagnostic business rose by +119.8%. The other three businesses have also seen varying levels of growth: medical equipment (+13.1%), nutrition (+6.9%), and pharmaceuticals (+2.5%).

▲ overall revenue of Abbott in fy2021


Diagnostic business revenue


Driven by the global demand for the covid-19 diagnostic product portfolio, Abbott diagnostics Q1 achieved a bright three-digit growth of +119.8% year-on-year, with a revenue of $4.414 billion. Among them,


Rapid diagnosis (ALERT’s POC business): up +302.8%, revenue of 2.256 billion US dollars, exceeding half of the diagnosis revenue, and becoming the core pillar of performance;


Molecular diagnosis: double the performance, with a revenue of 447 million US dollars, with a year-on-year growth of +220.9%;


Traditional diagnosis: revenue of $1.182 billion, year-on-year +19.6%, benefited from the demand for fast and lab based covid-19 diagnostic product portfolio;


Bedside diagnosis: the only business in the diagnosis business that has declined (6.6% year on year) is mainly affected by the decline of 11.4% in the US market.

△ revenue from Q1 diagnosis business of Abbott


In the first quarter, Abbott’s global sales related to covid-19 testing were $2.2 billion, of which binaxnow, panbio and id now rapid detection platforms had total sales of $1.8 billion.


Danaher diagnosis: revenue +34%, all four segments increased


In 2021, Q1, Danaher’s total revenue was US $6.858 billion, which was the fastest growth rate among the four giants, with a year-on-year revenue of +58%.


The three businesses have achieved performance growth, with life science revenue doubling (+115%), diagnosis business (+34%), environmental application revenue of 1.134 billion dollars (+6.5%).

▲ Danaher’s overall revenue in fy2021


Diagnostic business revenue


Danaher diagnostics achieved $2.278 billion revenue in Q1 in 2021, with 34% growth mainly due to the demand related to covid-19, and the increased demand for instruments and consumables from enterprises due to the suspension of new crown and relaxation of restrictions.


All segments of Danaher diagnostics have achieved growth, and specific growth data are not disclosed.


Among them,


Clinical laboratory business: the growth is due to the increase in demand for immunoassay and chemical product lines, driven mainly by the Chinese, Japanese and Western European markets;


Molecular diagnosis business: the main driving force of the growth of diagnostic business, and the sales growth of instruments and consumables of covid-19 diagnostic solutions is particularly strong;


Acute care diagnosis business: the growth mainly comes from the sales of blood gas and immunoassay products in Japan, China and North America;


Pathology diagnosis business: mainly benefited from the increased demand for core histology, advanced staining and pathological imaging products.

▲ revenue from Q1 diagnosis business in Danaher 2021 financial year


Siemens Medical Diagnosis: revenue +23.5%, routine detection recovery


Siemens Medical has achieved a good performance in Q1 (Oct. 1, 2020-31 December 2020) in fy2021, with a total revenue of 3.868 billion euros, representing a year-on-year +13.3%.


The three businesses increased to different degrees: imaging (+9.3%), diagnosis (+23.5%), and clinical treatment (+6.3%).