China conducted more than 90million tests for coronavirus

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Recently, China’s official medical and health institutions nationwide have conducted data on 90 million 410 thousand nucleic acid tests of COVID-19, which has attracted much attention internationally.


Guo Yanhong, an inspector of the medical administration and Administration Bureau of the National Health Commission, said in Beijing on June 24 that as of June 22, nucleic acid testing by medical and health institutions across the country had reached 90.41 million people per copy. “From these data, we can see that China’s nucleic acid testing capability has been greatly improved.”.


At the press conference held by the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council on the same day, Guo Yanhong pointed out that the nucleic acid detection capability of medical and health institutions across the country has been greatly improved compared with that in early March.


In terms of testing institutions, from 2081 in early March to 4804 now, an increase of 131%. Among them, there are 2120 tertiary hospitals, 1350 secondary hospitals, 916 disease control institutions and 418 independent medical laboratories.


In terms of technicians, the total number of technicians engaged in nucleic acid detection also increased from 13900 to 28500, an increase of 104%.


In terms of detection capacity, the national nucleic acid detection capacity has increased from 1.26 million people / copy per day in early March to 3.78 million people / copy at present, an increase of 200%.

Post time: Jun-24-2021