The way for IVD manufacturers to leave and stay under the epidemic situation

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, the haze has been shrouded in the land of China. The National People’s united front has actively responded to the “epidemic” of the war without gunpowder smoke. However, one wave has not been leveled and another has begun. This new epidemic outbreak in the mainland of China swept across the world in a sudden manner. After the basic victory of domestic anti epidemic, China is facing the threat of a global outbreak.

China’s obvious to people novel coronavirus pneumonia is the world’s efforts and input in the diagnosis, treatment and control of the new outbreak. From materials to experience, the Chinese government has announced its assistance to many countries, who and Au. China’s IVD China novel coronavirus pneumonia China is also taking an indispensable role in the global epidemic. More and more Chinese IVD products are being put into the world’s epidemic prevention line, contributing to the diagnosis and screening of new crown pneumonia.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a global outbreak of global internationalization. It will have a great impact on our medical laboratory work.


Key words 1: International Logistics

The international spread of the epidemic is expanding, which has seriously affected the import and export trade, especially the international transportation. In the case of the epidemic, countries around the world have also begun to strengthen their vigilance, many countries have begun to close their borders, and individual cargo passages have to be inspected and confirmed. The timeliness will be affected to varying degrees. Large areas of flights will be shut down, and cross-border logistics will be affected at the same time. At that time, the procurement cycle of imported reagents will be greatly extended, and the cost will also increase. The imported reagents purchased by the laboratory may face incomplete items, poor validity period and high cost in the future.


Key words 2: limited supply of raw materials

If the epidemic continues to spread in the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries where key upstream raw materials and accessories gather, the global supply of core raw materials and high-end accessories for in vitro diagnosis will be greatly tested. And affected by the timeliness of international logistics, the supply of core raw materials such as antibodies and latex and the quality in transit can not be guaranteed. The finished kit we use will also face the situation that there is no raw material available for production or the product quality will decline.


Key words 3: insufficient capacity

Affected by the epidemic, many countries around the world are closing down their countries and cities, the economy of European and American countries is declining, and a large number of factories are shutting down. Chinese enterprises are steadily returning to work, and the number of outpatients and laboratory samples in hospitals are gradually approaching the pre epidemic level. And the shutdown of European and American countries may affect the production and supply of IVD industry, while some overseas IVD manufacturers have been in a state of total shutdown. There may be risks as people’s daily life returns to normal due to insufficient supply of kits in China.


Key words 4: Wuhan cov Kit

Some time ago, a medical giant labeled its new coronavirus detection reagent product with “Wuhan coronavirus”, which caused a lot of attention and discussion. Although one of its subsidiaries in China issued a statement of apology, its headquarters did not make any position. Dare to guess whether the giant is ready to exit the Chinese market. At present, due to the shutdown of foreign factories, the global shortage of many key raw materials, and the problems of transnational supply chain, each government will first guarantee its own medical resource reserve. Therefore, it can not be ruled out that some European and American countries restrict their exports to China. Under the specific background that people’s lives and health in the world are threatened, coupled with political factors, the medical industry may be the first to bear the brunt, and the supply of imported kits may be forcibly cut off.


If the supply of imported reagents is really cut off, for some medical giants, a part of the economic benefits may be lost without the Chinese market, but for the health protection of the Chinese people, it will be seriously threatened in the short term.

The impact of the epidemic is not a bad thing for the domestic IVD industry. Whether the national IVD manufacturers can withstand the pressure and save themselves in time when the foreign supply chain is affected has attracted much attention. As a medical laboratory worker and IVD operator, only by taking precautions can the risk be minimized.

At present, some imported brand equipment and reagents are basically used in the laboratory departments of domestic hospitals above the second level. Some laboratories also use imported brand inspection assembly line layout. Once these imported kits are out of supply or out of stock, it is not possible to replace them with domestic inspection instruments and reagents in one or two days.

In this case, it is an effective way to make the risk controllable to make the supplementary planning of domestic equipment and supporting reagents well in advance. Compared with the original reagent, the domestic brand substitute reagent is superior in quality and low price, which is a perfect solution.

Post time: Jul-10-2020