• China conducted more than 90million tests for coronavirus

    Comprehensive global times, CCTV news client, China news network, Xinhua news agency, Reference News   Recently, China’s official medical and health institutions nationwide have conducted data on 90 million 410 thousand nucleic acid tests of COVID-19, which has attracted much attention...
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  • The financial report of 2021q1, the fourth largest IVD, was that Abbott rose nearly 120 percent, and the Chinese market became a global engine

    From May 2, 2021 09:04 interface news   In 2021, emerge in an endless stream of COVID-19, the global COVID-19 continues to spread, and COVID-19′s demand for Q1 detection is also high. The IVD giants have achieved at least two digit growth driven by the revenue of the new crown diagnost...
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  • Holiday Notice of Spring Festival 2021

    Dear Partners: Thank you all for your strongly support during 2020. It was a tough time with COVID-19 but we got through all those difficult in the past year. Let’s applause for our great effort and success. The Spring Festival of 2021 is approaching, all the staff of Shenzhen city Lifan century...
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  • Tips for Christmas 2020

    Tips for Christmas 2020

    For most people, Christmas will be very different this year. In this article, we provide 5 basic tips to help bolster our health during and after the 2020 holiday season. Each day, scientists are learning more about how SARS-CoV-2 works, and vaccines are being rolled out. Yes, 2020 has been chall...
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  • The latest in vitro diagnosis industry ushers in a period of rapid development

    Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most important priority among priorities. The novel coronavirus pneumonia (IVD) industry will develop rapidly with the rapid development of various new technologies and the catalysis of new crown pneumonia. It is expected to become on...
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  • Train traffic from China to Europe suspended

    Train traffic from China to Europe suspended

    Train traffic from China to the border with Kazakhstan and Mongolia has been suspended, with the exception of scheduled journeys. This suspension was already in place since 8 December and has not been extended till 16 December, 6pm. The reason for the suspension is extreme congestion at the borde...
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  • The way for IVD manufacturers to leave and stay under the epidemic situation

    Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, the haze has been shrouded in the land of China. The National People’s united front has actively responded to the “epidemic” of the war without gunpowder smoke. However, one wave has not been leveled and another has begun. This new epid...
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