Covid-19 Medical Consumable gloves

  • Disposable nitrile examination gloves

    Disposable nitrile examination gloves

    Nitrile glove is the latest generation of gloves; it’s made of synthetic nitrile rubber. Comparing with latex gloves, it has exceeding feature of puncture-resistance, anti-bacteria’s penetration, chemical-proof and long duration, providing better protection for users. Currently, the nitrile gloves have been widely used in all major laboratories, research agents, hospitals, clinics, sanitariums and medical institutions, and gained high praises by users.

  • Disposable Nitrile/Vinyl Blend Gloves

    Disposable Nitrile/Vinyl Blend Gloves

    LIFAN Disposable Synthetic Nitrile Vinyl/PVC Gloves Powder Free Mixed Material Blend Vinyl Nitrile Gloves, a new type of synthetic glove that was developed based on the vinyl glove production technology. Its material is compound with PVC paste and Nitrile latex, so the finished production has the advantage of both PVC and nitrile gloves. The products are widely used in fields of medical examination , dentistry, first-aid, healthcare, gardening, cleaning etc. Nontoxic, harmless and odorless. The products are disposables gloves.

  • Disposable Vinyl / PVC Glove

    Disposable Vinyl / PVC Glove

    LIFAN disposable Vinyl/ PVC Examination Gloves is made of polyvinyl chloride which are widely used in medical examination and treatment, food processing, electronic and instrument industry, chemical experiment, hair-cutting, printing and dyeing industry etc.